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Denext V-MOTOR Endomotor


Product Description:-
Used for endodontics during a root canal treatment, to drive instruments for shaping in continuous rotation and reciprocating movement with torque and speed control.
It can connect to V-PEX Apex Locator and more functions will be activated.
How to connect:- Adjust the handpiece operation to a continuous rotation memory mode.
Connect the handpiece to the apex locator by using data transfe cable. The connection icon on the apex locator will appea if the connection is complete.
Connecting the measuring wire to the apex locator and the other end of the measuring wire to the lip hook(any of the sockets).


Denext VPEX Apex Locator


Product Description:-
The instrument applies to measurment of pulpitis, pulp necrosis, periapical periodontis and tooth length.
The V-PEX can be used with our company’s endomotor, V-MOTOR. After the connection it can activate more functions of the endomotor.


VRN Light Curing Device (V 400)


V 400 Light Curing Device

 LED light Features: 5W blue LED Light

Wave Length: 400nm~515nm

Accessible emission limit (AEL) : 3.9*10-3

Checking: LED light is working when Correctly Operate

Class: II Class

New weight : 132g


1000mW/cm² ~ 1400mW/ cm²

Optical effective area of Optical fiber : 50mm²

 Chargeable battery:

Standard valtage: 3.7V ,

Capacity: 2200mAh, with Protection for OverVoltage, Overcurrent and short-circuits.





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