Dental Amalgam Alloy

Dental Amalgam Alloy

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Amalgam Capsule


Aloysil and Cavitifil amalgam capsule are high compressive strength
alloys, Cavitifil contains 48% Ag and Aloysil contains 68% Ag. Both of
them have no Zinc, no Gamma II and minimize the risk of fracturing
the restoration. The high quality ensures a tough, durable and long
lasting restoration and the sufficient condensation enables the easy
way of packing. Amalgam capsule has good biocompatibility and
operability. The filling material has good filling effects with low
shrinkage and good sealing effect without looseness, falling off or
breaking. The patients have no uncomfortable feeling during therapy.
Amalgam capsule are available in 3 types:

1 spill: 400mg(yellow)
2 spill: 600mg(blue)
3 spill: 800mg(red)


Physical Properties

  • 1 hr Compressive Strength(MPa): 89.8 ≥ 50 ≥ 80
  • 24 hrs Compressive Strength(MPa): 357.4 ≥ 300 ≥ 300
  • 24 hrs Volume Change(%): 0.09 -0.15 to +0.20 -0.2 to +0.20
  • 7 days Static Creep(%): 0.5 <3.0 <3.0

Pyrax® Aloysil Silver Alloy Fine Grain for Dental Care


👉To be used in stress bearing restorations (class 1 and 2) when other restorative materials
👉Composition :Silver Metal 68%, Copper Metal-6%, Tin Metal-26%
👉1 x 30 gms OR 1 x 10 gms plastic bottle
👉Make in India initiative
👉3 years from the date of Manufacturing


PYRAX® Copper Amalgam – 10gms


Copper Amalgam – 10 gms

Product Detail

Copper amalgam is produced as small rectangular shaped pallets containing identical proportions of copper and mercury metal resulting in homogeneous amalgam. Due to high copper metal content alloy generates very high strength, excellent working properties, setting time is optimum, easy to carve and adopt. Surface finish has shiny luster with a high compressive strength.

Rs.340.00 Rs.250.00

PYRAX® Dental Alloy Mercury

Product Details:-

Recommended for preparing superior dental amalgam in combination with non-gamma 2 and fine grain silver alloy powder.


To be used with silver powder to form silver amalgam filling.


Triple distilled pure mercury

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