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Dental Orthodontics Bondable Buckle Tubes

Bondable Buckle Tubes:-
    • Made by precise casting, Compact design
    • Bondable buckle tubes: high bonding strength, contoured mesh base is in accordance with the molar crown
    • Weldable buckle tubes are high precision, smooth and with more patient comfort
    • Chamfered entrance of the slot for easy guiding of the arch wire
    • Available in weldable and bondable for ROTH and MBT

PACK :- 4 in 1 packet


Rs.400.00 Rs.200.00

Orthodontics E-Chain


Product Details

  • Non – Latex material
  • Continuous elastic memory and can be extended by five time
  • Available in clear colour.

PACK – 1 piece

Rs.500.00 Rs.300.00

Orthodontics Metal Brackets


👉Orthodontic brackets are small orthodontic attachments (metal or ceramic) secured to a tooth for fastening an arch wire. Each attachment is either soldered or welded to a previously placed band enclosing the tooth, or is bonded directly onto the tooth.
👉Brackets are the small metal or ceramic modules attached to each tooth. They serve as guides to move the teeth and hold the wires.
👉Brackets are used to index into an array.
👉This system of brackets and wires straightens your teeth by applying gentle pressure. Because of its effectiveness, it has been a cornerstone of orthodontia for decades.
👉They Work Quickly.

Rs.600.00 Rs.350.00

PYRAX® Orthodontics Ligature Ties- Dental Product


PYRAX® Orthodontics Ligature Ties- Dental Product

Product Description:-

Product Details:- Non -Latex and anti-allergic material Compact and Solid Available in various colours.

Packing:- 40 Strips in 1 packet

Rs.500.00 Rs.300.00
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