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Ceramic Metal for Casting Ceramic Dental Powder


H&W (Made In Germany) Ceramic Metal for casting ceramic dental powder – Quality,strength & properties same as Ivoclar for all metal.


  • Non-precious
  • Beryllium free
  • NiCr based alloy for ceramic application as per guidelines of EN ISO 22674

General Properties

  • Biocompatible, High durability
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • It does not discolor porcelain
  • Highly adhesive to porcelain (ceramics)
  • Melts at low temperature
  • Easy to form a quality casting

H & W Dental Investment Material


H&W Investment Material (20kg Powder + 3Ltr Special liquid)

H&W Phosphate- Bonded Investment is a fine grain phosphate investment, which mainly used for partial-dentures, framework, dental holder, bridges and Co-Cr Alloy Casting

COMPOSITION :-  Crystalline Silica Quartz Crystalline Silica Cristobal Monoammonium Phosphate

Features :-

  • Have a Fine Particle Size to give smooth surface on the casting.
  • Easily manipulated with enough working time.
  • Have Enough strength at room temperature to permit ease in handling.
  • Have enough strength at higher temp. to withstand impact force of the molten metal.
  • Break away easily from the surface of the metal With stand high temperature without decomposing time Key.

PYRAX® Dental Base Plate (9 Upper + 3 Lower)



👉Base Plates are with optimum thickness for high mechanical strength.
👉Base Plates are ready to use Maxillary & Mandibular plates.
👉Making denture : Base material for bite impressions and tooth line ups.
👉They are ready to use Maxillary & Mandibular plates – 9 Upper & 3 Lower.
👉Shelf life : 3 years from date of manufacture
👉Thickness : 1.3mm

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