HW Dental Investment Material

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H&W Dental Investment Powder Material

Product Description: –

H&W Investment Material (20kg Powder + 3Ltr Special liquid)

H&W Phosphate- Bonded Investment is a fine grain phosphate investment, which mainly used for partial-dentures, framework, dental holder, bridges and Co-Cr Alloy Casting


Crystalline Silica Quartz Crystalline Silica Cristobal Monoammonium Phosphate

Features :-

Have a Fine Particle Size to give smooth surface on the casting.

Easily manipulated with enough working time.

Have Enough strength at room temperature to permit ease in handling.

Have enough strength at higher temp. to withstand impact force of the molten metal.

Break away easily from the surface of the metal With stand high temperature without decomposing time Key

Specifications :-

Best use temperature : 21-25 degree C

Powder / Liquid Ratio : -Powder : Liquid = 100g:23 ML

Mixing Time : 60 sec in Vac

Operate Time: about 4-5 miuntes

Final Setting Time: about 4–60 minutes

Expansion rate: -The Expansion rate of Phosphate bonded investment material may be adjusted by altering the ratio of expansion liquid to water,

we can therefore state that :

  • 👉Packaging Details: 20kg Powder + 3Ltr Special liquid. Investment materials are used to make a mold into which the liquid metal can be poured during the casting process.
  • 👉H&W Phosphate- Bonded Investment is a fine grain phosphate investment.
  • 👉Powder / Liquid Ratio : Powder : Liquid = 100g:23 ML
  • 👉Mixing Time : 60 sec in Vac. These materials consist of a powder containing silica, magnesium oxide and ammonium phosphate. On mixing with water or a colloidal silica solution, a reaction between the phosphate and oxide occurs to form magnesium ammonium phosphate.
  • Operate Time: about 4-5 minutes. This Investment Powder is specially formulated for stone-in-place casting with exceptionally smooth surface quality and easier finishing. Creates strong, gas-permeable molds to help ensure complete fills at the lower temperatures needed for stone-in-place casting.




  • 57% polyester, 43% PCM-infused polyester
  • Hyperbreathable Stretch Knit
  • Phase Change Materials
  • 3D collar design with sewn-in collar stays to prevent collar spread and splay
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Machine wash, tumble dry
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