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AAVIN Hybrid Composite Kit is a restorative kit containing composite resin, etchant, and a bonding agent .
For class iii and class v restorations. For limited use in class i restorations in premolars.
Selected class iv restorations.
AAVIN Dental Composite Kit is Highly filled, self- curing, resin hybrid. Used in both anterior and posterior composite filling material.
It is convenient universal shade, paste/paste system. A quick setting eliminates time spent with the incremental placement of light cure materials.
Hybrid Composite. Enamel Bonding Adhesive. AAVIN Etchant. The restorative has high strength (270 MPz compressive). Low water sorption and solubility. Particle size- 0.4- 1.0 micrometer.

Rs.2,850.00 Rs.2,380.00

Aavin Flowable Kit



AVIN Flowable is an excellent flowable
composite that delivers high strength &
wear resistance. It is characterized by
optimum surface affinity, penetrates into
most difficult area.

Rs.1,900.00 Rs.1,400.00

Aavin Prophylaxis Paste


DESCRIPTION : Prophylaxis paste is an abrasive paste used for
polishing and fluoridation after scaling. its mechanical action
produces a smooth surface without eroding the dental enamel. It is
mint flavored that produces a fresh pleasant tingling sensation and
relieves the irritation caused by mechanical action of the scaling.

INDICATIONS: Polishing after scaling, Removal of dental tartar.
PRODUCT BENEFITS: Oil free formulation, Fluoride release formula.

Splatter free paste, Excellent stain removal and polishing.
Available in fine ,medium & coarse grit.
Available in mint flavor.

Rs.350.00 Rs.255.00

PYRAX® Aavin A1 A2 Light Cure Universal Nano Hybrid Composite, For Filling


PYRAX® Aavin A1 A2 Light Cure Universal Nano Hybrid Composite, For Filling

  • Light Cure Universal Nano Hybrid Composite is a light curable composite.
  • It can be used for anterior and posterior dentine and enamel restorations.
  • The inorganic filler loading is about 71% by volume.
  • The particle size varies from 0.03 to 5 microns.
  • After filling, a blue light initiates a quick free radical polymerization generating an organic resin and inorganic filler composite which demonstrates a great strength and aesthetic appearance as real tooth.
  • Due to its high radiopacity, a clear X- ray picture will be helpful for clinic practice.
Rs.550.00 Rs.350.00

PYRAX® Dental Adhesive Bonding agent 7 th gen – 5 ml

  • Single step bonding agent for direct composite restoration
  • Excellent adhesion to dentine and enamel
  • Long lasting bonding strength.
  • Universal for all light curing restorations.
Rs.1,600.00 Rs.900.00
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