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👉The saliva ejector does exactly what its name implies; come out saliva out from mouth. A saliva ejector is used at the same time as other evacuation equipment.
👉These are pack of 100 pieces. Good and satisfying quality of the product.
👉Disposable Saliva Ejector more hygienic. This is one of the best things about our product.
👉Medical Non-toxic Materials safe to use. These are very safe to use as they are made up of the Non-Toxic materials it is safe to use.
👉This product is for Dental use.

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Description: This Aspirator Tube, 100pcs a pack, disposable, more hygienic. Pliable, holds their shape and the tip minimizes tissue impingement. Specification: Type: Aspirator Tube Material: Rubber Quantity: 100Pcs Package Size: 20 * 17 * 3cm / 7.9 * 6.7 * 1.3in Package Weight: 380g / 13.4oz Package List: 100 * Aspirator Tube

The saliva ejector does exactly what its name implies; it sucks saliva out of the mouth. These device are mostly used by many clinicians this is a device called a saliva ejector a straw-like, perforated suction tube that sucks out moisture from your mouth. When you tighten your lips around the tip of the ejector and the pressure in your mouth becomes less than that of the saliva ejector, backflow can enter your mouth. Evacuating the oral cavity of excessive moisture is a common part of dental treatment, but it’s essential that it be done properly so as not to compromise the patient’s health.


1.The main function of the saliva ejector is to remove liquids from the mouth. How should you place the bevel relative to a tooth surface? now the answer of this question is that Parallel and just distal to the operative tooth Smooth and fixed tips are securely fastened.
2.A saliva ejector may sit in the mouth during a dental procedure. Such as filling teeth or the dentist may insert it into the mouth at intervals during the procedure. By continuously ridding the mouth of excess saliva and other liquids saliva ejectors keep the mouth clear for the dentist to do his or her job Many clinicians use a device called a saliva ejector is basically a straw-like, perforated suction tube that sucks out moisture from your mouth.
3.The ejectors are used to maintain a system vacuum in the upstream. One of the Advantage Saliva Ejectors provide optimal suction without aspirating tissue. The soft, non-removable tip is bonded to the tube for maximum patient safety.
4.These saliva ejectors are made to uniquely contour to each patient’s mouth and hold the shape throughout the dental procedure.

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