Pyrax MTA Mineral Trioxide Aggregate


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PYRAX MTA – is Specialised For cavity Lining/ Base, repairing root perforations during root canal therapy. Treating internal root resorption, pulp capping & creating apical plugs during apexification.





Powder: Mineral Trioxides Aggregate

Liquid: Calcium chloride In Purified Water

MTA is product as mixing powder & liquid of the prolonged hardering and the fast setting.


PYRAX MTA is used for

  • Pulpotomies in primary teeth
  • Cavity Liner in recurrent Caries
  • Resrograde filling of Root canal
  • Apexification and Apexogenesis
  • Perforation Closure
  • Root Resorption

Pulpotomy:- Remove the roof of pulp chamber  and all remnants of coronal pulp tissue in primary  teeth up to bottom of pulp chamber, disinfect and clean it thoroughly with root canal irrigation. Use a small applicator to apply mixed MTA material on floor of pulp, remove excess material at the site a dry cotton pellet, close it with glass ionomer cement to ensure sealing .

Retrograde Filling of Root Canal:- For retrograde filling of a tooth apex under anesthesia you should provide access to a tooth root apex ( dissect a mucous supra-bony flap), carry ot root apex resection and with the help an ultrasonic tip with special diamond hand piece to form a cavity for retrograde filling. After mauntence of hemostasis the cavity in a tooth root apex is filled by the received paste. It is necessary to replace the bone defect with the osteoplastic product, the flap is fixed by the suture.

For Perforation Closure:- For closure of the perforation hole into the washed and dried canal you should insert product into a zone of defect, seal and check correctness of its inserting using X- ray. Then the rest canals you should obdurate, isolate with the lining product and restore the tooth crown.

For root Resorption:- For sealing a cavity at the resorption of tooth it is necessary to provide the access to a zone of the resorption and to carry out tool processing. Then place a product received by mixing of a fast- setting powder with the distilled water ( X-ray Control ) in a cavity of the resorption and isolate its surface by glass-ionomer  cement .

For Apexification Apexogenesis:- For apexification of a root you should insert the product into the apical zone and seal, using amalgamate plunger and cotton ball or paper points into the prepared canal.the paste can be condensed, using ultrasonic hand piece without water sprinkling. On average capacity.

Under the X-ray control it is necessary to check the correctness of the product accommodation, which should remain as a constant component of a seal of the root channel. Then the rest canals you should obdurate, isolate with the lining product and restore the tooth crown.

For Cavity Liner on Recuurent Carious Area:- For a pulp covering the prepared cavity should be processedwith antiseptic and a small amount of the product is placed on the naked site with the help of the spherical applicator. Then this zone is covered with a temporary product before the following visit. At the positive dynamics in the following visit it is necessary to remove the temporary product, the medical covering should be isolated  with the glass – ionomer cement and restoration is finished.

STORAGE:- Store at a temperature of 10°C to 30°C Keep out  of dry | Warning | Avoid the contact of the powder with the air. Tightly seal cap of powder bottle after every use.

Do not use  after expiry date.

Shelf Life :- 3 year From date Of manufacture.


  • Powder: 1gm
  • Liquid: 5ml
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